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About Miami SoundSets

Dance is what we do....


Miami - The city of superlatives located in the south of Florida.

No city has so many facets such as these. In particular, the club scene

at the Miami Beach has a very vibrant night life.

Every night the Ocean Drive is called for his brilliant party atmosphere - at the sunset, with a cocktail in the lounge chair, in the background are running the finest and most fashionable beach tunes.

Anyone who hasn't booked the club in advance or is not on the guest list, it will be hard to enjoy this atmosphere. But not so with aleXsir (Streamrocker) and the MSS-Crew exactly bring this sound to your homespeakers.


So you catch up a colorful umbrella drink (cocktail),

put your sunglasses on and listen to the finest Beach Tunes,

if its time for the Miami SoundSets!


We are looking forward to see you!

aleXsir and the MSS-Crew

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